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HELP - My Parents don't support my business dreams

Many of you might be interested in starting your own businesses. Unfortunately, your parents don't feel like its a good idea.

Patrick Bet-David
Help my parents don't support my business . - Patrick Bet-David

I personally wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was about 4 years old. At 7 years old I started selling icees to kids in my neighborhood.

homemade icees
homemade icees

I don't know if you know what icees are... I don't mean the fancy slushies they sell at the gas station. They are when you make a pitcher of KoolAid, then you pour that KoolAid into styrofoam cups and freeze it. It was my mom's idea. I made them and

I sold them for $0.25 a piece! I was SO amazed because back then you could get KoolAid at like 3 packets for $0.25. I wondered why ANYBODY would buy mine and just not make their own when they could have a whole freezer full for what they were paying me. That summer my love for business really began. Then when school started I sold string, pencils whatever I could find to sell.

I officially started my own business at 23. I did research. I went to a SCORE office in Brooklyn, NY. I registered my business, I wrote up a simple business plan. I even won a Trickle Up Grant for $500 it helped me buy a piece of equipment I needed. ...

I won't go into detail about that business today but that business died soon after because my father ( who is also an entrepreneur) thought it would be better if I focused on my education & "Got a real Job". I finally gave in and began working at one of the top Financial institutions in the world JP Morgan Chase as a Licensed Personal Banker. I stayed in that industry for some time. But my desire to have my own business never died. I made sure that I learned something valuable from EVERY job, and EVERY life experience that I have had. So I was never mad at my father for essentially stomping on my business dreams, But I do often wish that I would have just continued with that business.

I have learned so much over the years. I have advised and mentored so many young people. I wish that more were encouraged to drop out of college. It REALLY isn't for everyone! Stop wracking up debt. Use your creativity and imagination to solve a problem in your neighborhood. No need to do it for FREE either. PEOPLE WILL PAY YOU!!! You DON'T NEED COLLEGE to make a good living. You DO NEED education , common sense and people skills. But those things can be learned in so many places.

Check out this video from Patrick Bet-David. It makes lots of sense. Maybe it will help you have a good conversation with your parents.

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